There are many factors that can contribute to the development of a bunion.  One common factor that can contribute is Hyperpronation.  Normally when we walk a foot will properly rotate in an inward and downward motion.  This motion is very subtle but it allows the foot arch to evenly disperse weight and compensate for uneven pavement.

Hyperpronation as seen here can cause excess weight on the big toe and lead to a bunion.

Sometimes a foot will rotate or (pronate) in an excessive and abnormal manor.  This condition called Hyperpronation will cause the foot to rotate too much to a point where the inner arch can move towards the ground.  While this condition is often referred to as “flat feet”, is is a disorder that has more to do with joints and muscles.  The incorrect motion will eventually lead to other problems as other muscles and joints try to compensate.  As noted previously, a bunion is one of the problems that can arise from Hyperpronation. (see what causes a bunion)

There are many abnormalities that can cause this motion to become abnormal.  Weak hip abductors (the muscles on the back of the hip), a short Achilles tendon sometimes caused from wearing high heeled shoes, or it can be caused by an abnormality of the muscle in the calf that runs under the foot (tibialis posterior tendon).  Depending on the underlying cause for your hyperpronation, there are many things a person can do to correct or compensate for this problem.

Orthotic arch support inserts like this can compensate for your hyperpronation.

People suffering from Hyperpronation should not wear tight fitting shoes or high heels.  Wearing shoes with proper arch support or purchasing custom orthotic inserts can also help to fix the issue.  Your podiatrist can provide you with these custom inserts, but there are many over the counter orthotic inserts that one can purchase as well depending on the severity of your condition.  Walking barefoot is also a common remedy that is given so that sufferers can strengthen the foot and ankle muscles.  Try out a pair of five toed running or walking shoes.  Many people swear by these products but consult your physician first.  There are also several stretching and strengthening exercises one can do.  Try toe raises, heel & calf raises, and thigh exercises such as hip abductors.  Also you can try “toe pickups” as stated in a previous article bunion exercises.    As always check with a doctor to make sure what your underlying issue is that is causing your hyperpronation before purchasing any correction products.