There are many things a person can do to aid in bunion correction and relief.  These include several exercises that can be done on a regular basis to help ease the pain.  Try some of these out at the end of the day while barefoot on the couch:

Toe Pulls
Hold your big toe with one hand, and your foot with the other.  Gently pull your toe and hold for about ten seconds.  For a variation, try gently twisting the toe clockwise and counterclockwise while pulling on it.

Toe Stretches
To stretch your toes, point your toes forward for 5 seconds, then curl them for 5 seconds.  Repeat this as many times as you are comfortable with.

Toe Presses
Press and stretch your toes against a hard surface in one direction and hold for about 10 seconds.  Then press and hold them in the other direction for the same time.

Towel Pulls
Sit in a chair barefoot with your toes on the edge of a towel. Start flexing (curling) your toes and pulling the towel to draw it up under your toes.

Rubber Band Toe Pulls
Hold both of your feet in front of you with your heels together.  Wrap a rubber band or a similar item around both big toes and pull them away from each other.  Hold this for a few seconds.

Marble Grabs
While sitting or standing, try to pick up small items like marbles or something similar with your toes.  Try to move them from one pile to another.

pampered toes toe spreader
These spread each individual toe and feel great at the end of the day (Click For Details)

Tennis Ball Raises
These will help to train proper alignment of the feet and ankles which will lessen undue stress on the big toe from over pronated posture.  Stand up  with a tennis ball squeezed between your ankles. Rise slowly onto the balls of your feet with your ankles level and then slowly lower back down.  Repeat as desired

Wear A Toe Stretcher/Spreader At The End Of The Day
In addition to toe exercises, wearing a toe spreader at the end of the day can give a great relief to stressed joints and sore bones.  These spread and stretch your toes apart and can be worn while simply relaxing.  They will also help with alignment.

In conjunction to bunion pads and bunion night splints, doing these exercises on a regular basis will help slow the progression of your bunion and aid in bunion correction.